SERPENTINE JupyterHub Server

One of the core objectives of the SERPENTINE project is to develop and disseminate tools for the advanced analysis and visualisation of heliospheric data. A number of tools have already been released! Examples include the multi-spacecraft longitudinal configuration plotter Solar-MACH, solar energetic particle (SEP) analysis tools, and SEP data loaders for the existing heliospheric spacecraft fleet. Read more about these and other tools on our website or the SERPENTINE repository!

To simplify the user experience, we also make available a JupyterHub server. After logging in using a standard web browser, users have all of the latest SERPENTINE tools installed and ready to use. This eliminates the need to install and set up Python locally, and thus significantly lowers the barrier to entry for those wanting to do SERPENTINE science! Jupyter Notebooks can be launched directly from the list of tools on our website or the hub page, which contains more technical details, answers to frequently asked questions, and our terms of service.

Users only require a GitHub account to get started, so why not join us today and start doing science with SERPENTINE!

Pictured is the SERPENTINE Solar-MACH tool, displaying one of the advanced plotting options available in the solarmach notebook on the hub server.

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