SERPENTINE User Workshop

SERPENTINE is organizing a user workshop on September 5–9 at Christian-Albrechts University in Kiel, Germany. 


 Participants of the workshop, primarily students and postdocs, will attend a variety of presentations and hands-on work to get familiarized not only with the aspects of the physics of solar energetic particles (SEPs) but also and in particular with the available data sets and software tools to analyse SEP events.

The workshop will be organized on 5–9 September, the sessions starting in the morning of the 6th and ending at lunch time on the 9th. The first two to three days of the meeting concentrate mainly on the tutorial sessions on SEP events and the tools for their analysis developed in the project. The remainder of the meeting will concentrate on the first scientific results of the SERPENTINE project. Social programme consists of a welcome reception in the evening of 5th and a barbecue at the University campus on 7th.

The workshop is open to all users interested in understanding of or working with SEP events and free of charge.

Graduate students currently enrolled in astrophysics or space physics, planetary sciences, space engineering or a related field are very much welcome, and limited funds are available for free accommodation and daily allowance to cover local expenses.

The selection of participants is on the first come first serve basis, and financial support for local costs will be offered on the same basis for participants fulfilling the criteria of being students or young researchers. In addition, travel support can be arranged for a few cases based on applications. 


Preliminary Programme


Register by sending an email to

  • If you do not wish to ask for financial support, it is enough to provide your full name and affiliation, your email address, and your dates of arrival and departure.
  • If you wish to make use of the financial support on-site, provide a short CV showing that you qualify as a young researcher. If you apply also for the travel support, include a justified request of the amount you would need to be able to participate the Workshop.

The Workshop is held at the physics department of Christian-Albrechts University, in Kiel Germany

Here you can find the instructions on how to find the venue:

There are several options:

1: Kielius is a bus service from Hamburg airport to Kiel main station via Neumünster. It leaves the airport every two hours at 09:15, 11:15, … 23:15 and takes about an hour and a half to get to Kiel. You can book it ahead of time:
cost: 22 EUR one way if paid in the bus, 1 EUR less online.
(It also runs from Kiel to the airport every two hours at the same times as well as some earlier times: dep 02:45 — arr 04:15, dep 05:00 — arr 06:30, dep 07:15 — arr 08:55)
Note! If you want to buy the ticket in the bus, you need to have cash money (in Euros and not too big bills), as card payment is NOT possible! (There should be an ATM next to the stairs in the airport arrival hall, directly after one passed the customs.)

2: Vineta offers a taxi service which picks you up at the airport and brings you to directly your hotel or the workshop.
cost: approximately 100 EUR if you book it ahead of time online:
Of course, you can share the cab to reduce cost, but this requires some coordination.

3: Rent a car: There are a number of rental companies at the airport and you can find an overview here (where you can, I believe, also book a car):
It also provides links to services for car sharing. (You can park at the institute. There’s a gate where you ring the bell and tell the friendly guard that you’re attending the workshop. He will then open it. If he dosn’t, tell him you want to go to the botanical garden.)

4. You can use the train service and check connection from Hamburg airport to Kiel at

For more information about the User Workshop contact