SERPENTINE User Workshop

SERPENTINE organized a user workshop on 5–9 September 2022 at Christian-Albrechts University in Kiel, Germany. 


Participants of the workshop, primarily students and postdocs, attended a variety of presentations and hands-on work to get familiarized not only with the aspects of the physics of solar energetic particles (SEPs) but also and in particular with the available data sets and software tools to analyse SEP events.

The workshop was organized on 5–9 September, the sessions starting in the morning of the 6th and ending at lunch time on the 9th. The first two to three days of the meeting concentrated mainly on the tutorial sessions on SEP events and the tools for their analysis developed in the project. The remainder of the meeting concentrated on the first scientific results of the SERPENTINE project. Social programme consisted of a welcome reception in the evening of 5th and a barbecue at the University campus on 7th.

The workshop was open to all users interested in understanding of or working with SEP events and free of charge.

Graduate students currently enrolled in astrophysics or space physics, planetary sciences, space engineering or a related field were very much welcome, and limited funds were available for free accommodation and daily allowance to cover local expenses.



SERPENTINE workshop participants


Here you can find the recordings of the workshop


Here you can find the pdfs of the presentations

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