SERPENTINE Course on Solar Energetic Particle Events

We have organized a 5-credit-point graduate level course in the University of Turku (UTU) in May–June 2022. The course gave an introduction to Solar Energetic Particle Events with lectures covering topics from the theory of particle acceleration to the data analysis techniques for solar energetic particle (SEP) and supporting solar and solar-wind observations.

The contact teaching was organized in a three-week intensive period (three days a week, four hours per day) in hybrid mode (classroom and zoom). Each teaching day consisted of a lecture and hands-on exercises with Python based tools that the teachers had developed for the course. Following the intensive period, students carried on with group work assignments during which they put their acquired skills to practice by analysing one SEP event in detail from many aspects of the problem over three weeks. Each group presented their work in a mid-June seminar.

In addition to researchers from UTU, the teachers included researchers from all partner institutes of the SERPENTINE project, providing students with top-level expertise on SEP events and related phenomena.


The course programme is given below.

Course programme 2

Course material:

The lecture slides and the exercise notebooks can be downloaded from below:

Lecture slides: all slides of the lectures can be downloaded from

Hands-on exercises: The Jupyter Notebooks containing the hands-on exercises can be viewed on Deepnote by accessing the following links. They can then either be downloaded by clicking on the three dots in the upper right corner and selecting “Download”, or they can be run online at Deepnote by clicking on the blue “Duplicate” button in the upper right. Note that for the latter the creation of a (free) Deepnote account or login with an existing Google or GitHub account is needed.