Work Life Orientation Trainees Prepare SERPENTINE Outreach Video

In Finland every 8th and 9th grade student at the upper comprehensive school does from one to two weeks of work life orientation training called TET. In fall 2023 University of Helsinki Space Physics team hosted two TET trainees.

Aaro Leskelä from the Isokyrö School visited us in October and Eric Benni from International School of Vantaa in December.

Both familiarized with the research in our team, did some research tasks and followed meetings, seminars and teaching. 

In addition to these activities, both contributed to making an outreach video for the SERPENTINE project.  First, Aaro interviewed several researchers in the SERPENTINE team working at different places via Zoom.  

Eric first learned about the SERPENTINE project and Solar Energetic Particles. Then based on the interviews Aaro’s interviews Eric designed the outreach video and compiled it using the Keynotes presentation software. 

Check here the outcome and learn more about the project and what researchers involved do in the project!

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