Final Seminar, Helsinki, 18 June 2024

The SERPENTINE project is coming to an end in the end of June, 2024. The project has been extremely successful, providing new knowledge on its science questions and delivering tools, catalogues and datasets to its user communities. The project organised a Final Seminar in Helsinki, Finland, on 18 June 2024. The programme covered an overall presentation, more detailed presentations on each of the technical work packages of the project, and a session of contributed talks providing some recent highlights of the project as well as results from the collaborators of the project.

While it is time to end SERPENTINE as an EU project, the results will live on afterwards within the community. Some of the work will also be carried on in two follow-up projects in the Horizon Europe framework, SOLER and SPEARHEAD. The community is also using the SERPENTINE tools frequently, with Solar-MACH being the flagship tool in terms of user base. The project data centre also provides access to multiple interactive catalogues and high-level datasets of the instruments curated by the project beneficiaries. The follow-up projects will allow us to update our tools and datasets to an extent and also develop new ones which will go beyond of what was developed in SERPENTINE.

SERPENTINE Final Seminar had about 30 on-site participants and about 20 participated online via Zoom.
WP leaders presented both scientific results and technical achievements, such as analysis tools and catalogues. On the left, Domenico Trotta presents a summary of the results of WP4, In-situ shock acceleration analysis, and on the right, Illya Plotnikov presents a summary of the results of WP6, Analysis and visualization tools.
The Workshop dinner was held on the island of Särkkä just outside the Helsinki coast line.
The Final Seminar was ended with a beautiful sunset over the city of Helsinki.

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